HEINZ Residences

PROJECT : Heinz Residences
TYPE : Multi-Family Residential
LOCATION : Pittsburgh, PA
SIZE : 165 Residential Units
TEAM : Yiannos Vrousgos, Rostam Seraj, Soua Hong, Ting Hsieg, Bridget Turner
COLLABORATORS : Indovina Associate Architects (AOR)
STATUS : Ongoing

The Heinz Residences represent an adaptive reuse initiative involving three administrative buildings within the Heinz compound. These structures include the original administrative office constructed in the early 1900s, as well as the research and testing facility and administrative offices designed by SOM, with interiors curated by Florence Knoll in the 1950s. Working with such historically significant architecture posed both a challenge and a source of immense satisfaction.

Our team's approach was to draw inspiration from the original structure, extracting key details to establish a design language that harmonized with the existing envelope. Emphasizing clean lines, the use of pure materials, and paying homage to mid-century furniture design, we successfully revitalized these buildings, restoring them to their former glory.