The Nest | Lenovo at ICFF 2013

PROJECT : The Nest | Lenovo at ICFF 2013
TYPE : Furniture Design
LOCATION : New York City
TEAM : Input Creative Studio
STATUS : Complete

Featured at ICFF 2013 and designed for Lenovo, The Nest represents the next chapter in living room design hosting a 27-inch PC that has become a part of the table. Inspired by a Chinese puzzle block, the design is a modern take on a nesting table that features the Lenovo Horizon.

The Nest is an all-in-one compact design that is multifunctional and modular, allowing it to be used in a variety of configurations.  When in a closed position the table appears to be a solid wooden block, however, upon further exploration it reveals a composition of a number of small, light pieces including hidden chairs and storage compartments for the Horizon’s accessories.

The two short sides of the table roll out to create seating for two that feature large storage drawers. When the drawers pulls out and are turned of their sides, suddenly there is roomy seating for four. Felt upholstery provides added comfort, allowing the seats to be stored under the table or used as stand alone pieces.

The Nest is the perfect blend of technology integrated within furniture, and provides users with the ideal opportunity to reinvent how they interact and display their PCs.