Picnic by Design 2013 | Picnic Village

Project: Picnic Village
Type: Product Design
Client: DIFFA
Design: Input Creative Studio
Status: Complete
Location: New York City

A small village jumped inside a picnic basket; in result our design for a “Picnic Village” was born.


A classic silhouette combined with modern sensibility creates the perfect balance of fun, color and fantasy. The largest of the five houses packs up neatly storing its smaller counterparts, as well as a variety of picnic ware. Each of the smaller houses are not just compact and attractive, they serve a specific picnic worthy purpose. One house acts as a cooler for food, one stores wine and the two smallest are battery operated lights for late night dining.


The custom blanket features an architectural grid for convenient mastering planning of the ideal picnic layout for two. Sit back, relax and take a stroll through our village!