Excalibur International

PROJECT: Excalibur International
TYPE: Showroom
TEAM: Input Creative Studio
STATUS: Complete

Featuring an eclectic mix of custom fixtures, modern furniture and antiques, the Excalibur International showrooms represent multiple brands through a flexible space that combines brand identity, ease of use and versatility.

The goal in the re-design of the space’s lobby and three adjacent showrooms was to provide an impact upon entering, while creating a sophisticated and neutral language that would serve as a backdrop to the clothing.   

Modern orange lounge chairs are offset by a traditional aqua blue area rug in the lobby, setting the tone for a unique combination of elements throughout the space.  The first of three showrooms combines mid-century furniture, industrial pipe and wood shelving units and custom millwork with vintage hardware.  The next space highlights the juxtaposition of heavily carved wooden antiques against clean lined industrial furniture and custom displays.  The final showroom is a multi-brand room that takes cues from the other spaces with custom drawer units, streamline metal shelving and vintage detailing.

Each space contains a centralized table for client interaction and purchase orders with a variety of custom product display around the perimeter.  All of the displays were designed with flexibility in mind and consist of shelving, garment racks, drawers and trays.  These displays are placed on casters, allowing them to be moved freely around the space and feature removable tray tops to showcase smaller items and provide easier tableside viewing.

Vintage and modern elements meet functionality in the re-definition of multiple spaces throughout Excalibur International’s New York showrooms.